I believe- my manifesto

I have always been an idealist, a believer. Here are the things I learned from my years of work in nonprofits and social change activism…

Integrity is crucial to social change:

  • Personal integrity: Direct communication, being true to expectations, deadlines and high standards
  • Honest public messages: Telling the true, full story- even when it might scare or upset the foundations we stand on. Uncertainty comes before change, it is a natural process.
  • Organizational transparency: Honoring organizers, donors and community members alike

I believe that we cannot fight for women’s rights without also working to close the gap on the rights of the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender community. I believe religious pluralism and women’s rights are cornerstones of Israeli democracy.  I reject racism in all forms and I believe that it is the responsibility of all who benefit from this system to change it.

I believe that as an activist for social change I am privileged to be able to transform theory to practice. I am honored to be able to promote values of equality, sustainability and tolerance- globally and locally.