Why work with me?

I know nonprofit organizations inside and out- I understand the different dynamics, needs and struggles of nonprofit organizations. I understand the heart, soul and community that goes into a developing, growing and thriving organization.

For years, I have lived the fragile balance between the need to fundraise for financial survival and the drive to advance a vision, goals, reach benchmarks, and provide direct services. I have the experience and perspective to come in to an organization and listen to you, and help your organization grow.

I am organized, dependable and independent.

Why freelance?

I can offer you a combination of commitment and perspective. An experienced, independent observer is a valuable asset to an organization. I see things from a new, fresh place and combine that with listening to your assessment of the situation at hand. And whether managing your website and social networking sites or writing a grant proposal, I bring the best of both worlds in order to advance your goals.